Taking the absorbability and desorption properties as parameters, the purifying conditions of polyphenol from Synsepalum dulcificum seed by macroporous resins, compared with five types of macroporous resins were investigated. The result showed that the X-5 macroporous resins was the best one. Through a nonlinear curve fitting with the Langmuir adsorption models, it was found that the fitting degree of adsorption isotherm and Langmuir function curve was very high. The optimal adsorption process conditions were as followed: pH 5.8, 1.0 mL/min adsorption velocity. Besides, the best desorption conditions were: sample volume 100 mL, desorption velocity of flow 1.5 mL/min, dynamically elute with 50 mL concentration of desorption soluntion 70%. After being separated and purified by resin, the polyphenol content improved about 2 times and total antioxidant capacity significantly improved about 2.5 times. The method can be used for purification of polyphenols from Synsepalum dulcificum seed.

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