The effects of different addition levels of pepper on volatile compounds in stewed rabbit meat were analyzed by electronic nose and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC—MS). Results of electronic nose show that the addition of pepper had a significant impact on the volatile compounds of stewed rabbit. Results of GC—MS showed that chromatographic area of aldehydes, acids and ethers decreased first and then increase when increasing the pepper addition levels. The chromatographic area of hydrocarbon derived from lipid oxidation increased first and then decreased with the increase of addition level of pepper. Chromatographic area of some compounds from Strecker degradation of amino acids and Maillard reaction changed unsteadily. Stewed rabbit with different levels of pepper had the similar volatile compound profiles except volatiles from pepper. Pepper changed the proportion and composition of volatile compounds. Compared with the control group,the new volatile compounds of stewed rabbit, including alcohols, ketones and alkanes, were found. This may due to the addition of pepper. Chromatographic area and variety increased with the increase of pepper addition level. The chromatographic variety obtained the most when the addition level of pepper was 0.30%.

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