A CFD numerical model was established to simulate pasteurization process of beer in glass bottle. The solid-liquid coupling complex conjugate heat transfer system was established and the change of the temperature field in the complete heating cycle of the beer in the bottle was got based on Fluent. The parameters of pasteurization process was designed under the working condition that the production capacity was 36 000 bottle/h. It has been shown that the total time of process was 60 minutes and the soaking time was 11 minutes. Through the CFD numerical analysis, the change of the temperature of the eleven temperature zone was got. The outlet temperature of the beer is 30 ℃, which was significantly smaller than 35 ℃ and up to the standard of PU in the beer production process. It was validated that the numerical model of eleven temperature zone was correct through the experiment and it provides a data basis for the parameters of the production process.

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