Study on peroxidase (POD) extraction and purification technology of lotus sprout, as well as temperature, pH value and part of the chemical's impact on POD enzyme activity. Peroxidase from the lotus root was purified using ammonium sulfate precipitation, DEAE-52 and G-75 column chromatography, SDS-PAGE analysis showed that the purified POD had a single polypeptide with a molecular weight is about 42 kD, the final purification fold and protein yield were 32.68 and 2.11%,respectively. The POD of the optimum temperature and pH were 40 ℃ and 5.0. At a temperature higher than 80 ℃and pH value of less than 2.0 and greater than 8.0 were basically undetectable activity. Ascorbic acid obvious inhibited POD activity, SDS and KSCN had a slight inhibitory effect on POD activity, and oxalic acid enhanced POD activity at low concentration, significantly inhibited more than 0.01 mol/L.

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