Effect of Se-enriched germination was studied, on functional properties of soybean protein isolate (SPI). After inversed 6 h in 10 mg/L Na2SeO3 solution, soybean was germinated 96 h at optimal conditions. SPI from germinated soybean was prepared by alkaline extraction and acid precipitation method. The results showed that the change trend on solubility, water binding capacity, foaming property, and emulsifying property of SPI were similar, these properties value increased firstly and then decreased. SPI separated from sprouting 24~60 h soybean showed better solubility, emulsifying and foaming properties. The best functional property of SPI was determined when soybean was germinated 24 h. The correlation analysis showed that there was significant positive correlation between SPI solubility and water binding capacity (R=0.862); the solubility had positive correlations with foaming properties (R=0.774) and emulsifying properties (R=0.887).

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