The main factors influencing the icewine quality is raw material. This paper illustrates the changes of Vidal grape’s physical and chemical indicators in the Helan mountain foothill belt in late harvest, aiming to provide the basic roles for the production of regional ice wine. The indicators like brix, titratable acidity, pH, the weight per hundred berries, and juice rate were measured in the process to determine the changes. The result reveals that with the over ripening of raw material, the clusters and the berries have changed a lot.Some berries dried out, and some berries were infected as noble rot. Brix gradually increased, and titratable acidity, pH, the weight per hundred berries decreased respectively. On 1st December, the brix reached 401 g/L of sugar (glucose). Under the circumstances of Helan mountain, the raw material of Vidal can reach the request for making icewine when harvested 60 days later than the ripening.

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