To explore the nutrition and flavor characteristics of tropical fruits of guava Psidium guajava L.. The basic components were determined, and its flavor were analyzed by sensory descriptive analysis (QDA) and SPME—GC—MS. Results shown that the basic ingredients contents of pearl-guava, moisture, total sugar, reducing sugar, total acid, crude protein, ash and Vc were 84.79, 9.21, 3.85, 0.56, 0.82, 0.74, 0.13 g/100 g, respectively. Sweet crispy, full-bodied fragrance, and distinct guava flavour style were showed by sensory evaluation. There are 41 flavor active ingredients were identified by SPME—GC—MS and the percent of esters and aldehydes total peak area were 85.06%. The major constituents make a significant contribution to the flavor of guava.

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