The hollow fiber liquid phase microextraction high performance liquid chromatography (HF—LPME—HPLC) of bisphenol A in canned food were determined to establish a simple, fast and accurate detection method. Mainly use the two-phase hollow fiber (HF) of liquid phase microextraction (LPME) technology, combined with high performance liquid chromatography to the determination of bisphenol A (BPA) content, so as to realize the optimization of the extractant, sample solution pH, extraction temperature, extraction time and stirring rate and other basic data parameters optimization,The results of the study show that: to octanol as the extractant, the selection of the determination of food sample solution pH value of 6.1, and the corresponding extraction temperature is 40 degrees Celsius for 40 min, relative standard deviation was 4.3%. The detection limit was 12.7 g/L and bisphenol A in food sample enrichment times the number reached 200 times, the average sample recovery rate in between 86.1%~105%.

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