In order to investigate the effect of the packing materials on the storage quality of green radish, the main physical physics and chemistry indicators and sensory indexes of Weiqing radish were compared at (2.0±0.5) ℃, which treated by the polyethylene film (PE) and micro-perforated film. The results showed that, the contents of vitamin C, acidity, soluble solids content and weight loss rate of the treated by micro-perforated film were higher than those of the PE film group. The amylase activity, contents of reducing sugar and nitrite in the treatment of PE film were higher than those in micro-perforated group. The texture index and sensory index of the Weiqing radish treated by micro-perforated film were superior to that of PE film group. The color difference was not obvious. The best edible period of micro-perforated packaging was storage for 5 weeks, the best preservation period for 10 weeks. The quality of PE group decreased gradually with the extension of storage time, the best storage period for 9 weeks. The quality of micro-perforated group was significantly better.

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