In order to obtain higher antioxidant activities of oat bran oil, used n-hexane and ethanol as extraction solvent were seleted as the extracting solvents. The effects of volume ratio of n-hexane to ethanol, mass ratio of extraction solvent to oat bran, extraction time and temperature on the yield and the antioxidant activities of oat bran oil were investigated. The result showed that the optimum extraction conditions of oat bran oil were volume ratio of n-hexane to ethanol 1∶1, the liquid-solid 8∶1 (V/m), extraction time 2 h, extraction temperature 50 ℃; In this condition, the yield and the IC50 of DPPH radical scavenging of oat bran oil were 7.08% and 1.347 mg/mL, respectively. The content of phenolic compounds, Tocopherols(VE), and sterols in oat bran oil were (1 297.94±4.04) mg/kg, (73.15±2.76) mg/kg and (516.20±5.69) mg/100 g, respectively. Finally, oat bran oil was analysed by GC—MS and the results showed that there were 8 fatty acids, including palmitic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid. Unsaturated fatty acid in total fatty acid was 79.35%, and polyunsaturated fatty (the main component was linoleic acid) acid was 34.87%.

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