The effect of pulverization treatment on the yield of Camellia seed oil and the stability of emulsion formed during the aqueous enzymatic extraction was investigated. The result showed that when the particle size of Camellia seed reached to 37.92 μm by hammer mill, the yield of total oil and free oil reached 96.85% and 91.34% respectively. However, further pulverization of the Camellia seed had no significant change on the particle size, but the amount and stability of emulsion increased, resulting in a serious loss of the oil yield and an increase in the difficulty for the following demulsification process. There was no significant difference in the quality between the crude oils extracted from dry milling and wet milling Camellia seed by aqueous enzymatic extraction. The general physicochemical indexes fitted the national standards of camellia oil well, and the heavy metal contents were below the detection limit in 0.005 mg/kg, which indicated that hammer mill was a safe and feasible pulverization treatment for camellia seed.

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