The powder of black rice bran anthocyanins liposome (proliposome) was prepared by lyophilized methods. The effects of pre-frozen temperature and different protectants of mycose, sucrose, mannitol on the qualities of lyophilized anthocyanin liposome were investigated by inspecting the leakage rate, particle size and Zeta potential of reconstituted liposome. The results showed that the pre-frozen temperature had no significant effect on the qualities of lyophilized liposome. The leakage of reconstituted liposome were decreased by using protectant mycose or sucrose alone, and reached lowest value of 16.64% and 12.50% respectively by control the mass ratio between soybean lecithin and protectant at 3∶1. Combination using of mannitol with mycose or sucrose showed a synergistic protective effect. When WSoybean lecithin∶Wsucrose∶Wmannitol=1∶3∶2, the reconstituted anthocyanin liposome had the lowest leakage rate of 7.45% and the average particle size of 346.1 nm. While, when WSoybean lecithin∶Wmycrose∶Wmannitol=1∶3∶2, the leakage of reconstituted liposome was 9.65% with the average particle size of 364.6nm. The Zeta potential became more negative after reconstituted the lypholized liposome, which suggested that the stability was increased. The results indicated that the lyophilized anthocyanin had best quality when the mixture of sucrose and mannitol was used as protectant.

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