The effects of whole wheat flour (WWF) on the qualities of Shi Mei Pan Xiang Bing (SMPXB) dough and product were investigated in this research. Briefly, the refined wheat flour in the SMPXB recipe was substituted by WWF at different level, and their properties had been measured. The optimal formula for producing WWF SMPXB was obtained by sensory evaluation. The results showed when the refined wheat flour were whole substituted by the WWF, water absorption (WA) increased by 9.5%, the development time (DDT) and farinograph quality number (FQN) raised by 3.9 and 4.5 times, respectively. Compared with the control, the value of dough extensibility significantly declined from 98.00 to 74.00 mm when the content of WWF increased from 0 to 100%. Meanwhile, the values of peak viscosity and breakdown were decreased by 54.5% and 38.0%, respectively. The dough formula of SMPXB was optimized as following: WWF 80 g, refined wheat flour 20 g, fresh egg 10 g, granulated sugar 15 g, Margarine 15 g, water 52 g. The final product has good quality with low sugar, low fat and high nutrition.

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