Taking the rice both with similar amylose and different protein contents as the research materials, the relevant characteristics of rice protein and protein component (PC) to physical property and sensory quality were studied. The results showed that the crude protein content of cooked rice changed little, and each PC content decreased to different degrees, in which a substantial reduction in albumin, and globulin changes little. And the rice glutelin content have a significant positive correlation with the total contents of protein components (TCPC) of rice, reduced percentage of glutelin content and TCPC in cooked rice. Most cooked rice physical parameters (RPP) were positively correlated with sensory score. The crude protein and each PC content of rice had certain negative effects on sensory score, especially prolamin, but no significant effect, and had different little effect on RPPs. Rice albumin content had high negative correlation with RPPs (but adhesiveness low), but globulin and most RPPs showed no significant positive correlation (except negative correlative adhesiveness). However,Rice prolamin and glutenin had different degree of negative correlation with most RPPs (except positive correlative adhesiveness), especially rice prolamin. Therefore, rice albumin had negative effects on physical and sensory properties, globulin on the contrary and prolamin had higher negative effects on physical and sensory properties than glutelin. But the advantage of the rice glutenin content was highest among four PCs determines it could play a major role.

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