The components of basic nutritional、functional active and characteristic ingredients in six representative naked oats were detected and compared. The results showed that, the total starch had the highest variation coefficient of 8.21% among all the 6 selected samples, and the amplitude of variation ranged from 51.50% to 64.32%. The contents of slowly digestible and resistant starch of Ba-you 3 and Hua-zao 2 in total starch were relatively high. The variation coefficient of rude fat was 26.29%, ranged from 3.13% to 7.75%. The proportion of unsaturated fatty acids of Ding-you-8 in total fatty acid was 84.00%, which was the highest, and that of Ba-you 1 were 69.00% which was the least. The variation coefficient of crude protein was 10.51%, ranged from 13.37% to 18.43%. The detected amino acid of Ba-you 3 was 139.60 mg/g which was the highest, and the essential amino acids accounted for 59.07%: The amino acid of Hua-zao 2 was 110.09 mg/g which was the least and the essential amino acids accounted for 59.34%. The variation coefficient of total polyphenol was 39.26% ranged from 4.27% to 19.53% which was the least. The variation coefficient of total flavonoids was 29.64%, ranged from 20.84% to 44.34%. The variation coefficientb of β-glucan was 25.22%, ranged from 2.74% to 5.72%. These data would be important references for the research and development of oak oat food and health care products.

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