Taking low-methoxyl pectin and low-methoxyl amidated pectin as research objects, hardness and springiness as measurement index, this study aimed to investigate the effects of pectin concentration, sucrose concentration, calcium concentration and pH value on the texture properties of pectin gel. Through single factor experiment, it could be concluded that the texture properties of low-methoxyl amidated pectin gel was better than the ordinary low-methoxyl pectin. The orthogonal test showed that the optimum condition for low-methoxyl amidated pectin gel were as follows: concentration of pectin was 1.3 g/100 mL, concentration of sucrose was 20 g/100 mL, concentration of calcium was 35 mg/g and pH value was 3.6, the hardness and springiness of the low-methoxyl amidated pectin gel were 47.06 g and 3.81 mm, respectively.

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