Spectra data of the 101 loquat samples were obtained by using NIRS and the TSS, titratable acid, Vc of the samples were determined by conventional chemical methods. The mathematical pretreatment methods were used as spectral preprocessing options, and then the calibration models of TSS, titratable acid and Vc were established respectively by PLS. By using these models, the TSS, titratable acid and Vc in the validation sets can be predicted. The Rp2 are 0.906, 0.745, 0.554, RMSEP are 0.628, 0.048, 2.23 respectively, and the RPD of TSS is 3.31. Thus, the calibration model of TSS can be used for the actual detection. The RPD of titratable acid and Vc are 2 and 1.52 respectively. The content of titratable acid and Vc in the loquat can be tested by NIRS. However, the detection accuracy remains to be improved.

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