GC—MS was applied to identify the acceleration of oxidative products formed from linoleic acid stored at 60 ℃. Both volatile and non-volatile oxidates were focus on in the present study. The results showed that the oxidative products formed in the primary oxidation stage were continuously oxidized into volatiles (such as aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, furan, etc.) during the course of accelerated oxidation. The relative contents of Hexanal, (E)-2-Heptena, (E)-2-Nonena, (E)-3-Nonene-2-one, 2-pentyl Furan changed obviously before 12 h and they could be used as evaluation indices of the primary autoxidation of linoleic acid. However, the relative contents of (E, E)-2, 4-Nonadienal, (E, E)-2, 4-Decadienal and (E)-1-octene-3-ol changed apparently after 24 h and they could be used as evaluation indices of secondary autoxidation of linoleic acid. Thus, the present study uncovered the potential oxidative products and possible evaluation indices of linoleic acid autooxidative at different oxidative stages, and provided a theoretical basis for concrete approach and mechanism research for autoxidation of unsaturated fatty acids.

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