Facing with the problem that manual cleaning for bay scallop is Labor-intensive, low efficiency,poor health conditions and the demands of industrialization and mechanization production. A kind of double-brush-roller and high-pressure gas spraying combined washing machine was designed, which was efficient and energy saving. It solved the problem that the survival rate of scallops cleaned by high-pressure water. It has been determined that on the premise of scallops cleaning effect and the efficiency, the highest cleaning degree of removing impurity could reach 3.848% and the survival rate could reach 98% under the parameter combination, that the roll core distance of the upper and lower roller brush of two adjacent rows is 111 mm, the speed v1 of the brush rollers on both sides of the next row is 120 r/min, the speed v2 of the brush roller under the middle row is 360 r/min, the speed v3 of the upper brush roller is 200 r/min. It provides the reference value and a great significance in guiding production for the determination of the main parameters of the key parts which determine the scallop cleaning effect.

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