Considering the paste and wine can not meet the effect of the artificial bending due to the single structure and poor controllability of the existing Daqu liquor knee-piece bending press machine,which result in the discordance of the Daqu overall tightness. A new multiple-points flexible controlled bending press machine was designed. A multitude of hammers in different combinations repeatedly and multiple-points with flexibility crowed and sheared the block, which simulated the artificial start-pressing and block-making, so that better effect of the block with moderateness and uniformity could be achieved. The key component of which supporting plate structure was optimized and analyzed the static characteristics by using the Workbench finite element software, using the Design Explorer optimization module variable parameters of the multi-objective optimization, the mass of the supporting plate was reduced 24.6%. Through the optimization design of the main components, under the condition of meet the curved piece of process parameters, the weight of the whole machine lost significantly compared to the original designed scheme, as well as a more compact structure and better comprehensive performance of the machine was achieved.

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