To study the effect on preservation of sugarcane juice with chitosan and lemon juice, the mass fraction of chitosan, sterilization temperature, sterilization time and dosage of lemon juice were studied by the single factor, then L9(34) was designed. The preservation effect were determined by the change of physicochemical characteristics (pH, Vc content, sugar content, acidity and soluble solids) and sensory evaluation of the sugarcane juice, meanwhile the samples were characterized by ultraviolet spectrum. The result showed that the best combination were the mass fraction of chitosan of 1%, the sterilization temperature of 90 ℃, the sterilization time of 25 min and the dosage of lemon juice of 3.0 mL at room temperature. Under the conditions, the sugarcane juice could be preserved for 9 days. Compared with the fresh sugar cane juice, the texture and viscosity did not change, and they all had a strong absorption peak of ultraviolet spectrum (UV) in the range of 190~339 nm. Under the same processing conditions, the UV absorption peak range of samples that the preservation effect was better and broader than the worse.

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