In order to find the best way of physical preservation and storage conditions of xin 2 in Akesu, using aluminum foil packaging, Inflatable packaging, vacuum packaging to wrap the walnuts were stored in low temperature (4 ℃) and room temperature (25 ℃), and controlled trial. Determining the acid value, koettstorfer numbe, iodine number, glucosinolates barbituric acid value, the peroxide value, the activity of lipase, peroxidase, catalase activity of oil from walnut, which change made as oxidation quality evaluation index, to study the difference of the changes of the indexes of different storage conditions using variance analysis. The results showed that: with the extension of storage time, acid value, peroxide value, saponification value and SOD activity overall upward trend, the iodine value decreased, MDA value and CAT activity was first increased and then decreased, POD activity decreased first and then increased; And the difference between the evaluation indexes of walnut significantly (P<0.05) with the extension of storage time, the difference effect of evaluation index for the packaging of the walnut quality significantly (P<0.05), Calculated vacuum packing in conditions of low temperature (4 ℃), new 2 walnut meat can store 80 d, thus packaging treatment can maintain the characteristics of fresh walnut effectively.

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