A aether and n-hexane solution was used as mobile phase to preliminary extract β-sesquiphellandrene from ginger oleoresin by common silica gel column chromatography, and GC—MS was used for detecting β-sesquiphellandrene tracing. Comparison of different developing solvents of β-sesquiphellandrene and zingiberene on argentated silica gel G pre-coated plate, hexane-ethyl acetate (99∶1)was used as the mobile phase to sepatate β-sesquiphellandrene, the results indicated that the GC—MS area percentage of the silica gel and argentation column chromatography product was 95.79% with 89.73% recovery. Through the HPLC detection of β-sesquiphellandrene peak sample, β-sesquiphellandrene was found its existence of UV absorption at 232 nm, and generally had no absorption at 262 nm the characteristic absorption of zingiberene.

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