In order to determine the concentration of essential substances and functional properties of blueberry wine, antioxidant activity and anti-apoptosis of blueberry wine were analyzed with Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) by feeding different kinds of blueberry wines. Based on blueberry wine, six feeding groups with different proanthocyanidin (PC) concentration and 14% alcohol were set. In same way, another seven feeding groups with different alcohol concentration and 3 mg/mL PC were also set. And the control group C. elegans only fed with E. coli OP50. All results were defined by testing the activity of antioxidant enzyme and apoptosis in C. elegans. It showed that PC is an anti-aging factor; the aging of C.elegans can be delayed at low alcohol concentration (< 10%). However, it can accelerate aging when the alcohol concentration was more than 10%. The results showed that blueberry wine with PC concentration of 3 mg/mL and alcohol 10% had an optimal anti-aging effect on C.elegans.

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