Instant wonton was prepared from wheat flour by hot-air drying on the basis of optimization by single factor on the dough recipe. And the orthogonal method was used to investigate the influence of monoglycerides, sucrose ester and composite phosphate on the rehydration rate, cooking lose rate and sensory evaluation. Meanwhile, response surface method was applied to optimize the steamed time, drying time and rehydration time in response to sensory evaluation. The results showed that the optimal dough recipe of instant wonton was: water of 42%, salt of 1%, wheat gluten of 9%; The optimal ratio of composite additives was: monoglycerides of 0.2%, sucrose ester of 0.3% and composite phosphate of 0.1%. The optimum condition of technology of instant wonton was as follows: steamed time of 3 min, drying time of 48 min, rehydration time of 5 min. In this optimized conditions can prepare hot-air drying instant wonton products with good taste and quality.

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