The extraction of oil from Antarctickrill shell by organic solvent was studied in this paper.The effect of drying methods on krill oil qualities (Content of astaxanthin and acid value) were studied. In addition, the yield of oil, phospholipids, and astaxanthinwere compared while different extrantsolvents were used. Oil extracted from raw material processed by Freeze-drying hadthe highest astaxanthin content and the lowest acid value which made this method the best choice. When 95% ethanol was used, there were the highest yeild of krill oil, phospholipid and astaxanthin.With orthogonal experiment, the influence of material particle size, extraction temperature, extraction time, solid/liquid ratio on krill oil yield was studied and optimal technique parameters were as follows: particle size, over 60 mesh; temperautre, 50 ℃; Time, 30 min; solid/liquid ratio, 1∶9. The highest oil yeild was (12.64± 0.02) %.

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