In order to solve the problem of temperature rise in heat pump drying rice in autumn. Two drying test scheme were been set, for the low temperature constant rate drying and variable wind speed drying. Both the total energy consumption and exergy analysis were been taken comparison of the drying process of rice. Experimental results show that the drying rate increases with wind speed and temperature go up in constant speed drying process. However, both the exergy efficiency and total energy consumption decrease with the increase of the wind speed. The total energy consumption of the variable wind speed drying is lower than that of the big constant wind speed experience groups. And the drying time is shorter than the small constant wind speed groups under the same temperature condition. The optimal parameters are obtained by experiment is that the first 7 hours the wind speed is 0.7 m/s, then 0.4 m/s. When the temperature is 45 ℃, the exergy efficiency is 44.05% and the temperature in 55 ℃ is 57.49%. It has a certain guiding significance for rice drying in southern china.

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