Ventilation cooling technology by cover surface and guiding flow was used to store paddy, and effects of storage on moisture content, yellow-colored rice, fatty acid value, tasting score value of milled rice, husked rice yield, head rice yield of paddy were investigated respectively. Compared to conventional storage, the results indicated that the application of ventilation cooling technology by cover surface and guiding flow could decrease moisture content loss of paddy as 0.5%. Moreover, the content of yellow-colored rice was found remaining at around 0.1%, lower than that of the control storehouse as 0.8%, and fatty acid value was 19.2 mg KOH/100 g, lower than that of the control storehouse as 7.6 mg KOH/100 g. Tasting score value of milled rice was 79 points, which was higher than that of the control storehouse as 7 points. The results implied that ventilation cooling technology by cover surface and guiding flow could take the advantages the grain heap “cold heart”, and then the paddy was stored at low-temperature or quasi-low-temperature without insects all year round. This may help to achieve green storage without fumigation.

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