The study was to investigate the effect of packing materials (PVC, composite aluminum foil bag) and methods (generally packing, vacuum packing) on the quality of duck meat during the storage at 4 ℃. The results showed that the duck meat packed with the same method, which packed with the aluminum foil bag material have maintained good color and water holding capacity. The value of the total volatile basic nitrogen was low, and the value of pH was stability. The quality of duck meat packed with the aluminum foil bag material was better than packed with PVC. The duck meat packed with the same material, which packed with the vacuum package have good color and water holding capacity, and the values of acid and peroxide and the total volatile basic nitrogen was low. The vacuum package, compared to general package, inhibited the deterioration of duck meat. The shelf life of duck meat vacuum-packed with composite foil bags was 8 days at 4 ℃.

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