According to the recovery rate of procyanidins, the purification process of procyanidins from red grape seeds by chitosan flocculation was optimized by orthogonal test.After procyanidins in the ethanol aqueous extract solution of red grape seeds was separated into two phases by salts, the partition characteristics of it in two phases were studied. Chitosan flocculation was investigated, and the results were as follows. The optimum flocculation was obtained using 2 mL of chitosan with 20 mL ethanol solution of procyanidins at 35 ℃ and pH 4. The recovery rate of procyanidins reached to 95.62%. Then, the salts inducing aqueous two-phase extraction systems were used to further investigate extraction of procyanidins from the pretreated ethanol solution. The results showed that K2HPO4 could be used as a good inducer in ethanol aqueous solution. during the inducing separation phase. When 0.5 g K2HPO4 was added into ethanol solution of procyanidins (volume 2 mL), the partition coefficient and recovery of procyanidins reached to 1.97 and 87.2% respectively.

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