Objective The surfactant polyglycerol fatty acid ester (PGFE) was used for surface modification of biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) to perfect antifogging performance. Methods Used PGFE as an antifogging agent to prepared PGFE/BOPP antifogging film using a coating method. The present study was conducted to investigate the influence of different levels of PGFE on the antifogging performance, mechanical, optical, air and moisture permeability of BOPP film. Results Different levels of PGFE were coated on the film increased its tensile strength and haze, but reduced its light transmittance, oxygen permeability and water vapor permeability. The results showed that the PGFE/BOPP film has a perfect potential for application as an antifogging packaging film, which depicts along lasting antifogging performance, high-quality mechanical stability when the content of PGFE is 2%.

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