Multi-stage cyclone grinding can be used to change the physical structure of corn straw, which can be degraded easier by enzymes to release feruloylated saccharides. By the same enzymatic hydrolysis, the content of feruloylated saccharides released from multi-stage cyclone grinding corn straw increased by 3.34 fold than that without pretreatment. Commercial complex enzymes, such as Validase TRL, HSP 6000 BG, Rapidase Smart Clear, xylosidase and arabinfuranosidease were used to hydrolyze multi-stage cyclone grinding corn straw, and it showed that Validase TRL had the best effect, and the yield of feruloylated saccharides was 1.46 μmol/g, increased by 3.48 fold than that without hydrolysis. The best combination of synergy enzymatic hydrolysis was Validase TRL 100 U/g, xylosidase 50 U/g and arabinfuranosidease 50 U/g, and the highest yield of feruloylated saccharides was 2.87 μmol/g. After the hydrolysater was pured by macroreticular resin, the recovery of feruloylated saccharides reached 81.44%.

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