Three types of amylose with different chain length were prepared. And each of them was added to waxy maize starch in the proportion of 8%, 15%, 25%, respectively. The mixed gelatinized starch solution was cast on to a plastic plate and dried at 23 ℃ in relative humidity (RH) of 85% for 3 days. The short amylose, i.e. debranched waxy maize starch (DWMS), mixed well with waxy maize starchwithout phase separation. But phase separation was found in the medium chain, i.e maize amylose (MAM), and long chain amylose, ie potato amylose (PAM), added films. Adding amylose promote crystallization of waxy maize starch. Waxy maize starch film was amorphous. When DWMS proportionincreased from 0% to 15%, the crystallinity of the waxy maize starch based film is increased, but further increase of DWMS proportion resulted in decrease of crystallinity; and the film crystallinity increased along with increase the proportion of MAM and PAM from 0% to 25%.The crystallinity of starch film was positively correlated with TS (r=0.771) and PS (r=0.780), and negatively correlated with Poil (r=-0.730). Waxy maize starch films and DWMS containing films exhibited good light permeability and solubility, whereas the light permeability and solubility were decreased with increase of the amylose chain length and the proportion of medium and long chain amylose.

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