A virtual prototype technology was used to solve the problems of large arc and tilt of the diced section in three-dimensional dicing machines for fruits and vegetables,processing in this paper. A three-dimensional model was established and was imported into the mechanical system dynamics analysis software ADAMS. Different shapes of diced section were achieved when changing the rotator speed ratio from 0.11 to 0.22 and the central horizontal spacing between the impeller and the cross were cut from 260 mm to 310 mm. Simulation results showed that the main factor causing the incline of dicing section was the mismatch of speed between the pushing rotator and the cross cutting knife. The ideal dicing section with comparatively straight shape was achieved when the horizontal spacing between the pushing rotator and the cross-cutting knife center was 280~300 mm and speed ratio was 0.11~0.22. And then a cutting performance test of three sizes of 10 mm, 5 mm and 20 mm was conducted when the center distance is 290 mm and speed ratio is 0.17 between the pushing rotator and cross-cutting knife. The results showed that the neat dicing section shapes with small section deviation of three sizes were cutting out, among which maximum percentage of the section relative deviation was 12.7%, and our products could be up to the standards similar as the advanced international ones.

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