Some rice products processed roughly always have plentiful nutrition, and their storage property could be affected by lipoxidase greatly. In this study, rice was used to analyze the distribution of lipoxidase in relevant products, as well as the factors of different processing precision influencing on the residual activity of lipoxidase. Moreover, the change regularity of lipoxidase under different temperatures was investigated in the 28-day-stored rice. Our results showed that lipoxidase was distributed pocketily in diffenrent structural parts of rice, and the activity of lipoxidase was highest in the embryo layer and was correlated to the processing precision negatively. The activity of lipoxidase in rice bran was not changed obviously during the duration of storage at 28 ℃, but it appeared unstable when the storage temperature was over 30 ℃. This study provided the theoretical basis to the development of new rice products and the related storage technique of the products processed with different precision.

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