In order to study the effect of ultra-high pressure combined with mild-temperature processing (45 ℃, 400 MPa, 15 min) on microorganism, fluid properties, texture and the color stability of fresh strawberry juice when stored at 4 ℃, and the pure ultra-high pressure was as control. The result showed that the ultra-high pressure combined mild-temperature treatment could sterilizated effic-iently and no increasing microorganism was found (<10 CFU/mL) during storage, and mold and yeast were not detected. Compared with wit pure ultra-high pressure processing, the rheological properties tended to increase the pseudoplastic fluid, the viscosity, pectin content, cloudy stability, brightness, weaken the red degrees (a*reduced), increase the yellow degree (b*increased), and changed △E greatly. However the turbidity and browning degree showed no significant difference (P>0.05) of fresh strawberry after ultra-high pressure combined with mild temperature treated. The quality of ultra-high pressure combined mild-temperature treated fresh strawberry were better than that of pure ultra-high pressure processing during storage at 4 ℃.

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