0(CK), 2, 4, 6, and 8 microholes (Ф=0.3 mm) were evenly punctured on the PE packing bags (20 cm×30 cm×40 μm), and the effect of micro-perforated package on storage quality of Agaricus bisporus was studied. Results showed that in the 14 days storage period, each group micro-perforated package could improve internal O2 and CO2 content, effectively reduced the respiration rate and respiration peak , maintain good quality indexes, but micro-perforated package could promote the weight loss of Agaricus bisporus. Especially the 4 microholes treatment could maintain a low respiration rate, delay the appearance of respiration peak, inhibit the decline of hardness (P<0.05), soluble solids (P<0.05), ascorbic acid content (P<0.05), control the increase of PPO activity (P<0.05), and also delay the browning of the pileus.

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