In order to improve the stability and water solubility of clove oil, fully dilutable microemulsions incorporating clove oil were prepared in this study. By comparing the areas of microemulsion region in pseudo-ternary phase diagram(SME)and the minimum dilution ratio (DR), Cremophor EL 30 and anhydrous ethanol were chosen to prepare clove oil microemulsion at 2:1 (w:w), and the aqueous phase was neutral. Further, the type of microemulsion were identified using electric conductivity and rheometer, and the antibacterial activity of microemulsion in O/W central zone was also determined, with mixed surfactant / clove oil / water at 16/4/80 (w/w/w), Km = 2. The results revealed that the encapsulation showed little effenct on the antibacterial activity of clove oil. Meanwhile, no significant changes of microemulsion size were determined when diluting and storing, and this might indicate that microemulsion maintained a fine dilution and storage stability. Thus, clove oil microemulsions could improve water solubility and storage stability of clove oil with no effect on their antimicrobial activities.

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