Anthocyanins was extracted from wild blueberry. The evaluations were made on activities of antioxidant in vitro with superoxide anion and hydrogen peroxide radical scavenging, mice in vivo anti-inflammatory with mice swollen foot swollen ear inflammatory model and anti-tumor activity in vitro by AlamarBlue method after purified by XAD-7 macroporous resin. Results: the anthocyanins of Chinese wild blueberry have obvious antioxidant capacity, and have a positive correlation between the concentration; in concentration of 800 μg/mL, the superoxide anion scavenging rate was 86.86%, and at a concentration of 100 μg/mL, the hydrogen peroxide scavenging rate come to 73.93%; in addition, the anthocyanins have good anti-inflammatory capabilities, at 100 μg/g oral dose, inhibition of ear swelling was 47.04%, which foot swelling inhibition in the first four hours reach a maximum; moreover, their antitumor activity is also very significant, the inhibition of K562 leukemia cell proliferation IC50 was 79.01 μg/mL. The results above show that Chinese wild blueberry has a variety of biological activity, which offer the foundation in their in-depth study of the development and utilization.

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