The effect of hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate(HPDSP)on retrogradation and storage cooking quality properties of rice noodles was investigated. Fresh instant rice noodles was prepared under weight ratio of HPDSP to rice flour (RF) at 0.0%, 5.0%, 7.5%, 10.0%, and 15.0%, respectively, then the long-term retrogradation, breaking rate and cooking loss of noodles were determined. The results showed that, HPDSP could significantly decrease characteristic peak intensity of starch retrogradation and the degree of crystallinity, reduced retrogradation enthalpy, therefore inhibit rice noodles retrogradation. In addition, the inhibition effect enhanced with HPDSP contents. Microstructure showed that rice noodles containing HPDSP exhibited a porous honeycomb structure; Hardness result further further confirmed anti-aging effect of HPDSP. Cooking test indicated that adding 0.0%~10.0% HPDSP could prevent quality deterioration of fresh rice noodles during storage, but 15.0% of HPDSP impaired cooking quality.

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