Using gelatin and arabic gum as the wall material, studied the production process of camellia seed oil microcapsule by complex coacervation. The preparation conditions were determined by observing the morphology of microcapsules and the embedding rate. The orthogonal experiment was carried out to determine the optimum conditions, storage conditions were determined by cumulative release experiments. It was demonstrated that microcapsules are round and well disperse in the high embedding rate conditions; the embedding rate was 88.49% when the complex coacervation was carried as following conditions with the wall material concentration 3%, the ratio of core material to wall material 1∶3, stirring with a speed of 900 r/min, reaction temperature 55 ℃, pH 4.6, stirring with time of 15 min. Cumulative release demonstrated that microcapsule storage was affected by humidity, and the greater the humidity, the more accumulated release.

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