The optimal process conditions for R6 macroporous resin on industrial freshly squeezed lemon juice has been investigated, through one-factor-at-a-time tests and response surface analyasis based on Box-Behnken design. The results showed that all debitterizingconditions under investigation influenced seriously the naringin and limonin in lemon juice. Under the optimal debitterizing conditions, i.e. 4 g/100 g of resin, adsorption at 31 ℃ for 47 min, rotation at 120 r/min in juice pH 3.0±0.5 solutions, the actual debitterizing rate of naringin and limonin were 84.50% and 40.62% respectively, and this was close to the predicted value. Naringin and limonin contents in lemon juice were significant reduced after the optimizated prosessing and it tasted no obvious bitter.

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