Indica rice starch was hydrolyzed to prepare fat substitute by high temperature α-amylase. The product was used as pork backfat replacers in low-fat emulsified sausages. The effect of mass ratio of fat substitute and water, degree of substitution and DE (dextrose equivalent) of starch-based fat substitutes on low-fat emulsified sausages has been investigated by single factor test. The applicability of fat substitute in low-fat emulsified sausages was investigated by comparing the cooking loss, pressing loss, thermal stability, deformation force, carrying power, chromatic aberration and sensory evaluation of low-fat emulsified sausages. The results showed that the physicochemical property and sensory quality was best with the mass ratio of fat substitute and water was 1∶2, degree of substitution was 50%, DE of fat substitute was 2.07.

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