Objective:A HPLC method was established for simultaneous determination of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acrolein in food contact rubber gaskets.Methods:The migration test was carried out according to GB 5009.156—2016 by using 4% acetic acid aqueous solution, 10% ethanol aqueous solution, 20% ethanol aqueous solution, 50% ethanol aqueous solution and olive oil as food stimulants. After derivatization reaction, the samples were separated on Accucore RP-MS column with acetonitrile-water solution as mobile phase and detected by UV detector.Results:The results showed that the three aldehydes showed good linear relationship in the mass concentration range of 0.05~5.0 mg/L, with the correlation coefficients R≥0.998 3. The detection limits of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acrolein were 0.57, 0.62 and 1.68 mg/kg, respectively. The limits of quantification were 0.96, 0.99 and 2.93 mg/kg, respectively. In the range of 1.0~15.0 mg/kg, the recoveries of the three aldehydes were 81.0%~103.3%, respectively. The relative standard deviations were 0.78%~7.05% respectively.Conclusion:This method is suitable for the detection of the migration of aldehydes in food contact rubber gaskets.

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