Objective:To reveal the effect of drying processes on the quality of Gansu purple-spoted peonycorolla tea, and to explain the drying mechanism of different drying processes.Methods:Vacuum freezing-hot air combined drying (FHCD), variable temperature hot air drying (VHD) and vacuum freeze drying (VFD) were used to dry the flowers of peony. The active ingredient (anthocyanin content) and quality attributes (moisture content, shrinkage rate and rehydration) of the purple-spotted peony corolla tea processed by three drying processes were determined, and the energy consumption of the drying processes and sensory characteristics (appearance, tea color, taste, etc.) of corolla tea were compared with three drying processes.Results:the anthocyanin content of the purple-spotted peony corolla tea processed by the above three drying processes were 8.63%, 4.68% and 12.26%, and the rehydration of them were 491.52%, 433.28% and 531.75%, respectively. Compared with VHD, anthocyanin content of the purple-spot peony corolla tea processed by FHCD increased by 3.95%, rehydration of it increased by 58.24%, and shrinkage of it reduced by 13.82%; Compared with VFD, the efficiency of FHCD process doubled, and it's energy consumption reduced by 51.79%. The anthocyanin content of corolla tea was significantly positively correlated with shrinkage rate, rehydration and water content, and the correlation coefficients were 0.749, 0.741 and 0.738, respectively. The color of purple-spotted peony was related to the anthocyanin content. The anthocyanin content rule was: rose red corolla tea>pink corolla tea>white corolla tea.Conclusion:The purple-spot peony corolla tea processed by FHCD has high quality, high efficiency and energy saving. The anthocyanin content, moisture content, shrinkage rate and rehydration rate of corolla tea processed by this process were 8.63%, 9.46%, 52.85% and 492.40%, respectively. The test results provide a reference for improving the comprehensive quality and drying process of purple-spotted peony corolla tea.

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