Objective:This study focuses on improving the comprehensive utilization rate of Polygonatum cyrtonema.Methods:The contents of total flavonoids, total saponins and total phenols from roots, stems, leaves, flowers and buds, of P. cyrtonema were determined. The scavenging rates of DPPH·, ·OH and nitrites in extracts of above tissue were measured and compared as well. Results:The contents of total flavonoids and total phenols five different kinds of non-medicinal tissue were in the same order, in which from highest to lowest was, leaves, buds, flowers, stems and roots, and the content of total saponins in flower was the highest In terms of antioxidant activity, the DPPH ·, ·OH and nitrite scavenging rate of leaf extract were the highest, followed by buds and flowers. Correlation analysis showed that the clearance of DPPH ·, · OH and nitrite by the extract from different tissue showed a certain positive correlation with the contents of total flavonoids, total saponins and total phenols. Conclusion:The extract of non-medicinal parts of P. cyrtonema has good biological activity.

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