Objective:The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of egg white powder addition on the fried characteristics of surimi and its influencing mechanism. Methods:The cheap silver carp was used as raw material, and the egg white powder was added to the surimi for compounding. The frying characteristics of surimi were characterized by measuring porosity, hardness and water absorption, and the dynamic rheological properties, foam stability and SDS-PAGE of surimi were measured to explore its influencing mechanism. Results:With the increase of egg white powder content, the porosity and water absorption of fried fish ball increased first and then decreased, and the hardness decreased first and then increased. The effect of 10.0% egg white powder was the best. In addition, SDS-PAGE analysis showed that, new bands with molecular weight of ≥100 kDa were generated in surimi. Accordingly, the porosity of fried fish balls was positively correlated to the gel property and foam stability of surimi. Conclusion:The addition of egg white powder improved the gel property and foam stability of surimi, thereby increasing the stability of pore structure of surimi during frying, improving the porosity and taste of fried fish balls, and improving its edible quality.

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