Objective:This study aimed to solve the problem of cigarette flavoring technology that the surface taste of splicing paper weakens over time. Methods:A rapid method for the simultaneous determination of two kinds of sweeteners was established based on ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC). The change of the content of the sweetener on the surface of the tipping paper was analyzed, and the induced migration experiment was used to analyze the migration of sweeteners. The surface porosity, air permeability and surface water absorption of aluminized splice paper were analyzed by scanning electron microscope, air permeability tester and surface water absorption tester. Results:A method for rapid determination of two kinds of sweeteners simultaneously was established by UHPLC. The results of induced migration experiment showed that the sweeteners in the tipping paper migrated from the surface to the inside of the paper gradually. The results of scanning electron microscope, air permeability tester and surface water absorption tester showed that pores distributed on the surface of the aluminized tipping paper, and the high air permeability thereby led to the surface water absorption capacity. Therefore, the sweetener migrated in the aluminized tipping paper. After 42 days of induced migration, the migration rates of acesulfame and saccharin sodium in the paper were 48.47% and 49.65%, respectively. Conclusion: The pores and cracks spreading on the surface of the aluminized tipping paper made it have high permeability and strong water absorption, and the concentration differences between the two sides of the paper resulted in a conducive migration of the sweeteners.

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