Objective:This study focused on fresh-keeping technology with quality control as the main factor.Methods:The respiratory climacteric Zaoshengxinshui pear was used as material, after being fumigated with 3.24 μL/L of 1-MCP, then was stored at (10±1) ℃. The fruits stored at (10±1) ℃ and (1±1) ℃ without any treatment were used as control 1 (CK1) and control 2 (CK2). The respiration intensity, ethylene release rate, firmness, soluble solid content, peel chromatism, core browning index, weight loss rate and decay rate of fruits during postharvest storage were measured and investigated, and the correlation was analyzed.Results:Compared with CK1, (10±1) ℃ combined with 1-MCP treatment could inhibit the ethylene release rate and respiratory intensity of fruit, delay its peak, but the inhibition effect on respiration intensity and ethylene release rate were still significantly lower than that of CK2. It can maintain high soluble solid content, reduce fruit water loss, delay fruit decay and browning, maintain the green peel (absolute value of a* was high,h° was high). During the whole storage time, the peel hardness, pulp hardness, fruit brittleness and pulp compactness of fruits treated with (10±1) ℃ combined with 1-MCP were significantly higher than those of CK1. However, the retention effect of CK2 on fruit parenchyma was still higher than of (10±1) ℃ combined with 1-MCP; except respiration intensity, ethylene release rate and brown heart index, there were different degrees of correlation among other indexes.Conclusion:The safe storage period of (10±1) ℃ combined with 3.24 μL/L 1-MCP fumigation can reach 103 days, and the soluble solids are stable at about 12%. Therefore, it can better maintain the. inherent flavor and color of the fruit, which can be used as one of the fresh-keeping technologies instead of single low-temperature storage.

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