Objective:In order to optimize the process parameters of tobacco sheet of heated cigarette. Methods:12 gradient grades of tobacco sheets with glycerol addition ratio of 5%~30% were prepared under laboratory conditions. The mass of moisture, nicotine and glycerol in heated cigarette smoke, filter condensation section and tobacco core section were detected by GC-TCD method. And the mass distribution characteristics of main components, release rate, filtration rate and transfer rate were analyzed. Results:When 5%~30% glycerol was applied to the heated cigarette tobacco sheets, the water release rate was 88.6%~92.3%, which was mainly distributed in the smoke and filter condensation section; The nicotine release rate was 25.5%~34.2%, which was mainly distributed in the filter condensing section and tobacco core section; The glycerol release rate was 13.9%~21.3%, which was mainly distributed in the tobacco core section. Conclusion:When 10%~18% glycerol was added to tobacco sheets, nicotine and glycerol in heated cigarettes had higher transfer rate and lower filtration rate.

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